AIM AIR Covid-19 Response

The Coronavirus pandemic has left missionaries who serve in remote locations more isolated than ever.

Economic effects will ripple into even the smallest villages, leaving many people eager for hope and open to the love of Christ.

Now, more than ever, your financial partnership with AIM AIR will allow missionaries to continue to live beyond the end of the road, knowing a lifeline remains in place to bring in supplies and provide an evacuation should that be needed.

Thank you for the role you play! Investing your time and resources enables multiple missionaries to live life in remote areas where they can share God’s love and share the Good News.

AIM AIR is a Christian missionary aviation team operating six aircraft from two bases in east and central Africa. Our team of pilots, mechanics, avionics techs, and administrators serve the needs of 50+ Christian organizations and hundreds of missionaries.

The airplanes we fly are tools, moving missionaries, pastors, and cargo over some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain, to bring hope, and the Good News, to some of the world’s most forgotten peoples.

Why we fly

At the heart of our mission is the Great Commission. Learn more about our vision and how AIM AIR is serving the cause of Christ in Africa.

Where do you want to go?

Inquire about flights and destinations. AIM AIR operates from three strategic bases and our staff are masters at solving complex travel challenges. How can we help you?

The gift of Wings

Our “Wings of the Dawn” project makes possible essential flights that might otherwise be underfunded, like transport for African church workers and emergency evacuations. You can help.

Serve with us

AIM AIR is a team of missionaries serving other missionaries. We have an ongoing need for qualified pilots, mechanics, and support personnel. Talk to us about becoming part of the crew.

Wings of the Dawn

For those who serve in the farthest reaches of Africa, God’s graciousness is a moment by moment sustaining presence in their lives. Providing financial relief for some of our most needful flights is one way AIM AIR helps extend the grace of God to servants like these. Gifts to AIM AIR’s Wings of the Dawn fund help us to reach farther for less.

Often times, AIM AIR is seen as a “support” ministry, but I would argue that they are as crucial to our ministry in this country as the missionaries on the ground. They are the tip of the spear. Without the men and women of AIM AIR, we would not be seeing the same impact that the gospel has to change lives and communities. We would not see new teams being launched. And we would not see new missionaries willing to work in the remotest parts of this world.

— Joel (AIM Central Region Leadership)